This tool can be a catalyst for motivation for your life goals This Can is the first-of-its-kind tool to increase motivation. A motivational product to get you up and going. Will give you the inspiration to do, and take action. We believe even the most simple tools can inspire us to have confidence in our dreams. YOUBETCHACAN strives to spread love and inspiration from our hearts to yours.

A tin can called Youbetchacan as a motivational tool to write the things you cant do and turn them into possibilities.
A tin can with beautiful colors with a note pad and a pen to help you set goals for your life.

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A simple tool to visualize your goals, and motivate you to take action.

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Frequently Asked

The Can is the only motivational product available in the market. This will harness your brain's ability to fire neurons at a rapid speed, and the power of your imagination to shape your future. Writing things down makes them real and sends a signal to your brain that you're serious about making them happen. As soon as you get specific and write down your goals, your mind will immediately go to work figuring out what steps you need to take and how to overcome the hurdles you will likely face. How it works

This motivational product has helped countless people, from students to business owners, from ages 8 to 68. It really is a simple and effective tool for motivation. The can has proved to be a product for the whole family. It is suitable for a wide range of individuals because it works on the basic principles of human psychology. You can see our Customer Reviews to know more about their experiences.

The Can is a tool for motivation and makes for a perfect gift for your loved ones who are struggling to achieve goals in their life or lack motivation. Give it as a gift and let the CAN speak for itself. Although it's not your responsibility to motivate others, your helpful gestures, and assistance, will surely benefit them. Feel free to read more about how this Can make for a perfect present.

The Can is available to be purchased on this website, as well as Etsy, and Amazon.

Motivation is a complex human experience, it's not as black and white. But you are surely better off with this Can sitting on your desk or counter, to remind you of your own divinity. When inspiration knocks on your door, the Can will surely be helpful to solidify the inspiration into an actionable motivation. You can read more about Motivation on our Ultimate Guide to Motivation.

Customer Reviews

Our Story

After a long day of work, Suzan (my wife) and I were relaxing on the couch and she had started a conversation with me about a challenging issue I was having. At some point, everything became too much for me. Then I went on to say “I just can’t do this”.

She gets up off the couch, walks over to our pantry, grabs a can of beans, walks back to the couch, hands it to me, and says “Now you CAN!”

At that moment an idea was born. Whenever I felt that I could not do something, I remembered that can of beans. Eventually the idea that “I Can” became the YouBetchaCan you see today.

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our story

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A simple tool to visualize your goals, and motivate you to take action.

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