How to find motivation

Tips and tricks on how to find motivation

Certainly, this is a question all of us have asked ourselves at some point in our lives. How do I find the motivation to achieve my goals? or How do I find the motivation to take the next steps in my growth be it personal or business?

If only Life Motivation was as simple to achieve. To understand motivation, we first need to acknowledge that it’s a name of a feeling, which stimulates a person to take action. The challenge with motivation is that we all feel motivated, but the feeling does not stay longer, in fact, it’s a fleeting moment, and if we fail to capitalize on it, it’s lost, sometimes forever.

If you don’t take action when you are motivated, you will end up with regret and shame, which are detrimental to achieving your goals. The good news is, there are simple plans and strategies that you can imply, to make sure to replenish your motivation. Following are a few steps that will help you to find Motivation:

  1. Surround yourself with successfully motivated people

Preferably with people who already have achieved what you want to achieve. Being around them will feed into your feeling of motivation, as well as help you see what actions you need to take to be living a life like them.

2. Find Motivational Support in the Community

Don’t always try to boot-strap yourself. Harness the power of community and ask for help where needed. Everyone loves to be of service. Find someone who can do it better than you and faster than you. Getting help for a few initial steps may snowball your action plan, and lead the way for progress. When you can see your goal(s) getting closer you will feel more motivated.

3. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Diet, exercise, and sleep are not one size fit all. Explore and try different approaches to nourish your body, move your body, and give rest to your body. Once you find a style that feels good, stick to it. You will find motivation and be able to take action when you are well-rested, satiated, and well-built.

4. Use our Motivational Product The Can (Youbetchacan) to list down goals

The can is the best motivational product and the most practical tool to help you with motivation. It’s simple enough to list your goal, which you deem you can’t do, and then envision the steps you need to take in order to turn the can’t into a can. Having written down a goal is very different from having a vision in your head. The power of your words will be a stronger motivator to help you achieve your life goals.

5. Imagine your Future

Imagine your future if you don’t change yourself, also imagine your future if you successfully use motivation to achieve your goals. The cons of not achieving and the pros of the achieving future will fuel your motivation to keep going in the direction of your dreams.

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